Dignity Project Second Generation
1125 SE 4th Street Suite A
Gainesville, Fl. 32601
Please Donate your unwanted Vehicle, Computer and/or Cell Phones
These Donations help us help others in need in our community!
We are a 501C-3 Non-Profit so your donations are tax deductable.
We accept Vehicles, Computers and Cell Phone donnations if they are working or not!
We do ask that all Vehicles, Motorcycles,Scooters and Boats have a Title.
We can arrange for pick up on large items.

The Dignity Project Second Generation is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging self-sufficiancy to members of our community by helping fulfill transportation and computer needs. With the help of some generosity, the Dignity Project Second Generation provides job skills training to disadvantaged youth , while refurbrishing used cars and computers to donate, or sell for a low price, to those in need of them. The Dignity Project Second Generation is dedicated to restoring dignity to those members of our society who are struggling to survive.

We are working with many of the local social service providers to reach out and help as many people as we can. The amount of people we can serve depends on the amount of donations we receive. Vehicles are very important since they are one of our main tools for teaching. We accept vehicles, computers and other motorized equipment in any condition.

Why do you need Dignity Project 2 Services?

  • To provide hands-on training for our youth
  • Provide Computers for people and organizations in our community
  • Help Veterans with their computer and vehicle needs.
  • To provide low cost repairs on vehicles and computers
  • To help recycle responsibly.

How you can help us help others

Spread the word to family and friends!

Our Wish List

* 12 Volt Portable Jump Pack
* Battery Charger
* Jack Stands
* Floor Jacks
* Tools

All contributions are tax deductable!
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